Kyiv at Night

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June 24, 2022, 10:40:00 a.m.

Ukraine forces to retreat from Severodonetsk

Ukrainian forces will retreat from Severodonetsk after weeks of fierce fighting over the key city, a senior Ukrainian official said Friday, in a major boost to Russia's goal of seizing a swathe of eastern Ukraine.

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June 23, 2022, 8:13:00 p.m.

War in Ukraine: Latest developments

European Union leaders agree to grant "candidate status" to war-torn Ukraine and neighbouring Moldova, in a show of support in the face of Russia's war, EU chief Charles Michel says. "A historic moment.

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June 22, 2022, 1:59:00 p.m.

Ukraine journalist was killed by Russian forces: RSF report

Russian soldiers killed Ukrainian photojournalist Maks Levin in March, possibly after having tortured him, media rights group Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said in an investigation published Wednesday.

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June 21, 2022, 9:14:00 p.m.

Canadian lawmakers issued panic buttons as threats rise

The devices can be used across Canada to alert police.

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June 21, 2022, 6:59:00 p.m.

Russian fighter plane crashes near Ukraine border

"On June 21, an Su-25 aircraft crashed in the Rostov region during a planned training flight. The pilot died," Russian news agencies quoted the source as saying.

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